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The dashboard of my car is displaying an ABS warning light?

The Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) assists the driver when locked or skidding wheels do not have enough friction to stop your vehicle safely. Speed sensors on each wheel forward information to a controller, which is an onboard computer system. Should this fail, the mechanics can help with electrical diagnostics that can diagnose and fix ABS faults.

The lights on my car are faulty?

The mechanics have the tools and parts to repair or replace internal lights, external lights and headlights. Light malfunctions and warning lights can result in a MOT failure. Electrical diagnostics can quickly identify and resolve these problems.

A check engine light is displaying on the car dashboard?

You vehicle needs to be diagnosed by a professional who can provide electrical diagnostics for cars and vans. A full set of tests on your vehicle will quickly identity the problem and whether parts need repairing, recalibration or replacement.

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The mechanics use modern vehicle diagnostic equipment to quickly identify your vehicles faults and repair them.

Diagnostic testing and fault finding services are provided for the general public and trade services.

They are professionals in repairing faults with such systems as ABS, ECU and warning light faults. To book your car diagnostic service simply use the diagnostics form for a no obligation quote.

Electrical diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

Most modern cars now have some form of vehicle management system fitted to control and maintain certain aspects of the vehicles running and overall performance. This can control things such as ABS, emission control and many other things.

Carrying out electrical component repairs in modern cars can be difficult and requires the correct use of diagnostic equipment to perform professional modifications and software resets.

The mechanics are trained to use some of the best diagnostic equipment available to ensure an effective and reliable repair for your car.

The diagnostic tools, technical data and wiring diagrams are of the highest standard for car diagnostics.

Here are some of the more common faults that can be repaired by the trained mechanics from their modern garages:

• Engine management problem
• Electrical accessory issue
• Blower motor faults
• Charging faults
• Emission faults
• ABS faults
• Lighting faults
• Warning light faults
• Car not starting
• Car does not run

These are just some of car diagnostic problems which the mechanics can help you with. If you require a car diagnostic then we can help.

Simply contact the professionals by filling in the diagnostics form and the customer service advisers shall contact you back to discuss the booking of your car.

Recent Enquires

i had a diagnostic test on my car from a well known car dealer because malfunctioning which notified me of their findings went ahead correcting the problem but I question the repairs if they ever existed or repaired correctly with new parts as paid for as the costs was extremely high and one of the faults has arisen again. before I can challenge them I feel I need an independant investigation as to my concerns


renault megane sport comes up on dash saying electric fault and steering lock fault


ford ranger 2007electric wing mirrors not working


zafira x cdti 6 speed ku08atz lost all gears was still able select was just revving restarted engine got gears back whinning in 1st 2nd with power loss car still drives


diagnose peugeot wont start problem the car was taken off the for two weeks and now it wont start the battery has been fully charged the engine is spinning over fine I think it may need a diagnostic test.


electric windows and central locking not working all fuses have been checked and appears no power to the rear fuse box where the four associates fuses are


radio signal is poor and needs fixing. auto electrician


i have a 2.0dti vectra that recently had a barometric pressure sensor issue diagnosed and replaced ok. it was ok for almost a month before the spanner warning light came on again I had travelled a few hundred miles before light came on. I had the mechanic back again and the same barometric pressure sensor was diagnosed. the mechanic reseated the sensor and reset the fault so all is now ok again. my only concern is what happens should it re occur. is there another sensor that may be faulty such as boost pressure sensor or is there a loose connection somewhere


vw passat 2.0l fsi turbo automatic. there is an issue with slow speed. when you accelerate away from slow speed the transfer is not smooth and some times jolts or clunks when pulling away from about 15 20mph. there seams to be a common issue with this regarding a valve body fault. would like specialist opinion and diagnostic regarding fault and repair price if possible.thank you.regards.darren hagger.


suzuki ignis price for diagnostic test


saab 9-5 and diagnosis and repair of possible will start but rough idle and when throttle applied will cut out


mercedes c270. electrical fault.intermittent starting loss of indicators cruise control wipers windows. can you diagnose and repair. I work in warwick