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Is turbo replacement always necessary?

The team always aim to offer a turbo repair whether possible, as this will save time and money.

However if the turbo is beyond economic repair, you can be reassured that a turbo replacement will be affordable and reliable.

What are the main tuning problems when dealing with turbos?

The main tuning problems associated with car turbos include engine fueling, calibration and ignition timing.

Mechanics servicing and surrounding areas can effectively tune your engine and diagnose problems which could be affecting your cars performance.

How much does a turbo repair cost?

The cost of turbo repair is based upon the vehicle brand and model. In most cases, the cost of a repair is much less than a dealership service.

The professionals will always aim to repair your turbo before considering a replacement.

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Affordable and fast turbo repairs at modern garages covering your area.

The mechanics offer turbo repairs for most vehicle brands and models including Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Land Rover, Subaru, Dodge, Chrysler and more.

All turbochargers repaired come with a warranty for your peace of mind.

Request a turbo repair from the specialists today. Just complete the online form for a fast response to your turbo issue.

Turbo repairs

Turbo Reconditioning

When it comes to repairing or replacing a cars turbo, it requires trained mechanics and high quality parts to ensure that turbo repairs are completed to a high standard.

The highly skilled mechanics offering turbo replacements from modern garages. A turbo replacement is only carried out if the original unit is beyond economical repair.

Specialist garages have a huge stock of high quality turbo replacement parts which smaller garages may not have.

Turbocharger repairs cover most faults including:

• Car turbo not boosting
• Turbo is making a whining noise
• Turbo is smoking
• Turbocharger failure
• Turbo blown

Many other turbo repairs can be carried out as well.

Request your car turbo repairs and replacements by using the online form on this website.

Recent Enquires

mini clubman x I have soot and maybe oil coming from somewhere around the turbo unit. the underside of the bonnet is covered in soot and there is oil? by the base of the radiator on the under tray.


bmw 1 series. x model. whining turbo noise. how much to fix please?


can you email the price for a new turbo thankyou. there is a whining noise and loss of power. had it confirmed that it needs new turbo


vauxhall insignia x ctdi sri.the turbo started whistle


kia ceed x platesmoke pouring fro turbo. rac attended.thanks


there is a sound when I switch the engine on so I went to the garage and they told me the problem is from the turbo I want to fix it or at least change it with cheap one.


ford transit mk7 jumbo 2:2 tdci rwd reg se12ruu it€™s either turbo or actuator not working comes up with turbo under boost fault


ford galaxy lf59zvl I seem to have a flat spot losing power when trying to pull away had everything else tested by a mechanic who said the next stop would be to test the turbo is this something you can do and if so how much please?


audi a4 (b7 avant) : I loose the turbo power with prolonged acceleration, if I accelerate from 50-70mph in 5th gear the turbo spools up then cuts out after about 10 seconds dropping me to about x revs. after another 10 seconds it will kick back in again.


hi.. I just bought a mitsubishi grandis x did diesel!!turbo makes a really loud hissing noises!! I can`t find any leakage on the hoses!!


vw golf gt tdi mk4 quote for a replacement and fitting please and a rough quote for a turbo fix overboosting throwing the car into limp mode many thanks


mitsubishi legnum vr4 x twin turbo. starts and runs but knocks when revved. would like engine diagnostics to rule out anything electrical. no warning lights on dash.