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Are gearbox repairs Liverpool covered by a warranty?

Yes all gearbox repairs for Liverpool and replacements will come with a warranty. The existing manufacturer's warranty is protected as well. When compared to a main dealership, customers can achieve significant savings in terms of repair costs as well.

What parts are used during a Liverpool gearbox repair?

The mechanics have access to a variety of high quality parts and tools which are need to repair a faulty gearbox. When you need a gearbox repair for Liverpool or an replacement, the professionals are here to help.

How much will a Liverpool gearbox repair cost?

The cost of a Liverpool gearbox repair or replacement is based upon the vehicle brand and model. An inspection by the mechanic will determine the problem and condition of the gearbox as well. The quotes provided will be honest and accurate, saving you time and money.

Gearbox Repair Liverpool |

Gearbox repairs for Liverpool at fully equipped garages. The mechanics use high quality parts and tools with each gearbox repair. As a result repairs are professional and long lasting.

Most car brands and models are covered by a gearbox repair. Some of these include Audi, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo, Peugeot and Toyota to name but a couple of examples.

Contact the professionals by filling out the gearbox form. One of the friendly staff will then contact you back to discuss the booking of your car for a Liverpool gearbox repair service.

Gearbox repairs Liverpool

Gearbox Replacement Liverpool

Gearboxes are an important part of any vehicle. If problems occur with the gearbox, your vehicle is pretty much useless. As a result you will a gearbox repair from a professional who has access to high quality replacement parts and tools.

Should a gearbox replacement for Liverpool be required, you can be feel reassured that service provided will be to a high standard.

The mechanics have the knowledge and expertise to repair and replace gearboxes. The aim is to always provide a fast and affordable service for motorists.

Some of the common faults are:

• Hard shifting
• Gear noise
• Gear slippage
• Hard clutch

In addition to problems with gearbox components, checks for leaking gearbox fluids will also be undertaken.

If you suspect any problems with your gearbox, make sure a professional checks and repairs it, as failure to do so can result in a serious accident.

Recent Enquires

astra 1.9cdti I have noticed recently that my gear stick can move side to side when it is in any gear and there seems to be a slight whine from I am assuming the gearbox. I have read that these m32 gearboxes suffer from bearing issues


volvo xc90 x t6 2004error message of transmission service urgent is coming up and the auto gearbox appears to start sticking in gear once the vehicle has warmed up. the fault code doesnt reset once present.just making initial inquiries to see what costs might be involved.kind regardsandrew


toyota avensis t4 d4d 2.0l state manual 6gears. the gearbox need the 5gear repair or replace. this car steel at toyota garage with the gearbox all strep down.


vauxhall vectra x diesel estate in first gear rattle and noises not sure what is wrong could be bearings


gear is displaying f on instrument panel. until shifts to gear 2 and reverse. its on emergency mode


hi I have a vauxhall movano van x reg wn57 obb the clutch pedal has gone right down and not working I have replaced the master cylinder and this is as far as I have got not bled it yet. please can you quote all in inc vat ect to change slave cylinder and clutch as gearbox has to be dropped so might as well have this done if a reasonably cost. is this something you could do on my drive as cant move it. I live in chippenham by hospital near hungary horse. please email meregards john grouby


audi a3 x diesel. car diagnosed with a fault code x turbo boost been advised pipes leading to turbo are all clear and turbo cleaner has now been used fault still evident. the car will go into limp mode around x revs when accelerating in 5th 6th gear and going up an incline does not happen in lower gears.


vw polo x cars in good nick apart from the gearbox which is on its last legs and needs to be replaced. how much would the full cost be do to this please and are there any guarantees for the new gearbox


mercedes e class x cdi gearbox 7g when I press accelerate pedal car just little bit movedthen I switch off engine and again on and working normally and sometimes from second gear to first not nice shifting gear.


hello, I have a 10 year old vauxhall astra (1.6 petrol / auto) wa10 ocf30k miles on the clock. I need to get the gearbox replaced. used or reconditioned. look forward to hearing from you


octavia x tdivery often when pulling 3rd gear the turbo goes off around x rpm.also when many when cold but sometimes warm the idle goes funny specially if I accelarate the car bit deeper and when this happens always expulses nasty dark smoke through the exhauster leaving on the ground a stain really blak.otherwise the car drives superb as I havent noticed consumption increased .as a try I have replaced boost pressure valve and air flow meter valve. also removed and cleaned egr valve.


volkswagen lupo 1.4e x I am strugling to change and get into gear with my car especially 1st and 2nd gear. were I am having to rag the gear stick in after numerous attempts were at the moment it pops in and noise is also like that eventually. advice ive been given is that my clutch as gone and needs replacing at least. please could you provide idea of cost to have it done and fixed