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My car clutch cable snapped this morning in Derby?

The mechanics can provide a clutch repair for Derby at garages covering your local area. With collection and delivery services, your car or van will be back on the road again in the quickest possible time.

How much will my clutch replacement cost in Derby?

Due to the large range of models and car makes available it is difficult to display accurate list of repair prices.

However the modern garages near Derby have access to a stock of high quality clutch replacement parts across a wide range of car manufacturers, so that you can receive a high quality, cost effective car clutch replacement service.

How long will a clutch replacement for Derby take to complete?

Normally a clutch replacement for Derby will be completed on the same day in most cases. Some issues can take longer to repair. The team will keep you up to date on the progress of the repair

Clutch Repairs Derby

Professional clutch repairs Derby Derbyshire by fully trained mechanics using high quality repair techniques and clutch parts.

This ensures a professional and high standard of workmanship, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be repaired to a professional standard.

Clutch repairs and clutch replacements for most car manufacturers including Ford, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Land Rover, Skoda, Honda and more.

To arrange your clutch repair near Derby, just fill in the car clutch form and the team will contact you back shortly.

Clutch repairs Derby

Clutch Replacement Derby in Derbyshire

Professional clutch repair and replacement service which services the whole of the UK including Derby and Derbyshire.

The mechanics are fully qualified to install all types of car clutches from the modern garages near Derby. They are able to repair and diagnose a wide range of different clutch faults that you may find with your car clutch in Derby such as:

• Clutch slipping
• Clutch juddering
• Clutch dragging
• Changing gears is more difficult than normal
• Grinding sounds whilst changing gear
• You can rev the engine but your car or van does not increase in speed
• Engines revs up and down randomly
• Loss of acceleration and frequent stalling

These are just a few of the car clutch faults that the mechanics can diagnose and effectively repair. Each clutch repair is completed to the highest standard using high quality parts and repair tools.

All clutch repairs are carried out by highly trained mechanics and are done to a manufactures standard. This makes sure your vehicle is safe to drive on the roads of Derby and Derbyshire region.

To get a clutch replacement near Derby, simply contact the mechanics by filling out the website form. The professionals shall contact you back shortly to discuss the collection of your car from Derby.

Recent Enquires

mini r56 clutch replacement


new clutch and fly wheel need it done asp as driving back to london


bmw e90 330i msport (engine code: n52b30) manual 6 speed hi I have purchased this vehicle privately about 2 months ago and since I purchased it I have had this problem so it was an existing condition. just to give you a brief history of the vehicle, the owner purchased it from new so one owner with full bmw service history, mileage was 89k when I purchased it and now its 93k. at 90k I changed the oil, filer, spark plugs, air filter, transmission fluid and differential fluid. now here is the problem, the vehicle starts fine, no long cranks and car fires up straight away, although only on one occasion I experienced a long crank (car was already warm) but never again after that. once the engine is warm and it reaches normal operating temperatures the idle goes down to about 600rpm, at this point the rev needle moves up and down ever so slightly, maybe by about 50rpm up and down, it does not effect the sound of the engine or at no point does the car feel like its going to stall. when driving from lower rpm to about 2.5krpm the power delivery is not as smooth and it is slightly on and off, although not noticeable by passengers. when I keep a constant cruising speed at around 2.5krpm or below, you can see the needle moving slightly up and down however this does not seem to effect the actual speed of the car and the car maintains constant speed without a problem. it is very difficult to have a smooth take off from 1st to 2nd to 3rd sometimes without riding the clutch too much. feels like a slight delay between when I re apply the gas pedal and to the point that power is transmitted from engine which comes on very sudden and causes a jolt. when reving the engine slightly, it revs up and then once the revs are coming down towards idle there is a brief sound of a whoosh or hiss noise, cant tell if its a suction noise or blowing noise. you cant hear it while engine is underload or when driving normaly but if you rev engine and let the engine rev come down, just before it reaches idle speed you can hear this noise. there are no engine fault codes stored in the ecu and no engine light on dash. the parts that have been checked and are ok are maf sensor, ignition coil (replaced each one with a new coil one by one to see if there is a change and no change was seen so the coils were fine), spark plugs were changed 3k ago and the condition was the same before they were changed anyway and the car does not burn oil at all, since changing the oil it is still filled up to the same level according to the dash computer. no excessive blue smoke or anything and when I changed oil there was no water contamination in the oil and the coolant seems to be free of any oil. although no fault codes were found on my diagnostic machine, the smooth running test which evaluates each cylinder individually showed that all 6 cylinders are not working in tune with each other cause the smooth running test values for each cylinder should match each other closely if not exactly, but mine were not matching closely and kind of all over the place. every now and then I do smell a bit of excessive fuel so I am not sure it is due to a rich mixture or something along fuel line, but I have not seen any visible leaks under the car or around the engine compartment. I need someone who knows the bmw 6 cylinder engines well who can diagnose the problem. kind regards amin x things to check I would assume are vacum leak, compression, crankcase ventilation valve, fuel pressure but then again I am no mechanic, just a frustrated owner.


ford transit. 10 plate. barrings and selecter arm. (according to rac) clutch fine, can select 3/4/5 and r but no access to 1st or 2nd.


mazda rx8 please quote for replacement with exedy clutch


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renault espace rac man said my quick release bearing is broken best off replacing clutch.


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the clutch cable snapped in my corsa I need it replaced how much would this be please


peugeot bipper semi auto van clutch actuator replaced in october new clutch fitted in december transmission failure yesterday but worked ok after re starting have sold van and buyer collecting tonight want to make sure all is ok with clutch before he collects can you help thanks mark