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Are garages located in Yarmouth?

We have partnered with an extensive network of independent and established garages that service the whole of the UK including Yarmouth and Isle of Wight. They are confident in the competitive prices, mechanic expertise and access to specialised parts which a local garage in Yarmouth may be unable to provide.

Is the car warranty voided by car repairs Yarmouth?

No EU block exemption rule allows affordable servicing and repairs from 3rd parties. Save money and time with car repairs near Yarmouth.

How do I get my car to the Yarmouth car mechanics?

Many of the garages providing Yarmouth car repairs can provide a stress-free collection and delivery service for customers.

Car Mechanic Yarmouth |

Auto Fixer Pros understands that your car is a necessity for everyday life. Should a fault arise, the mechanics are here to provide a fast and hassle free car repair near Yarmouth.

Whether it's a car or a van, the professionals aim to help. The car mechanics near Yarmouth provide repairs for most major vehicle manufacturers. These include Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Renault, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo and many more.

Contact the car mechanics covering Yarmouth by completing the online form on this website. You can expect a prompt response by email or phone shortly.

Car mechanics Yarmouth

Vehicle Mechanic Yarmouth Isle of Wight

Reliable car repairs Yarmouth Isle of Wight from well established garages.

Car repairs near Yarmouth are carried out by mechanics who have access to diagnostic equipment that can diagnose and repair most problems that you may have with your vehicle in Yarmouth.

They have the ability to service and repair a wide range of cars and vans to a working condition again.

Common car services that are offered near Yarmouth are:

• Car body repairs
• Car servicing
• Clutch repairs
• Cylinder head repairs
• Electrical diagnostics
• Engine repairs
• Exhaust fitting
• Gearbox repairs
• LPG conversions
• Mobile mechanics
• MOT testing
• Oil service
• Starter motor repairs
• Suspension repairs
• Timing belt repairs
• Turbo repairs
• Tyre replacements
• Windscreen repairs

These are just a few of the common services that can be offered for your vehicle near Yarmouth. Professional mechanics use the best repair methods and highest quality parts needed in each car repair that the mechanics do.

Car repairs Yarmouth are completed to a high standard to ensure an effective and reliable repair. The mechanics offer warranties on any repair that they carry out or on parts replaced.

If your vehicle is in need of an inspection or repair near Yarmouth, then get in touch with us by completing the car mechanic form for a quick response.

Recent Enquires

x volvo xc70 awd 2.4tdhard shifting. transmission service required stated on dash.


peugeot x x lx


ford focus x diesel cutting out and poor running


honda crv x ltr 4 cylinder78000 miles


hi I have just bought a 2.2astra coupe x and its started to make a loud noise from the engin as you look at it on the left hand side does that mean its the chain and I should get it chaned asap or could it be something different thanks


complete system1992 talbot express x diesel motorhome


hello I recently noticed my exhaust getting louder and the whole system under the car was starting to knock around underneath. anyways I took it to my mechanic as it was mot time anyways and it came back with less knocking and quieter but not as quiet as I first got it. he said it had needed welding. anyway skip forward a month and it is louder again so I got down and had a look. the repair had more holes than a wispa and more blob than a bad sci if cult classic. there was loads of mig wire sticking out like a scruffy I poked it gently the pipe and the back box separated completely I cleaned it up as best I could and abraded what I could and used a holts exhaust repair kit to re attach the two.i had it aligned and propped using cunning bits of wood but on inspection this morning it looks like the local cats knocked them over and the holts hasnt sealed it rains a lot here in wales so figuring the damp air may not have helped.anyway my question was how much would it cost to get a new back box and fitted I dont have great deal of cash or savings due to my last garage bill and just buying a house.the car is a x ford fiesta si x


transmissionengine systems fault warning on dashboard. car will only drive upto approx. 10 mph and wont go above x revs.


every so often turn key and wont start but will after a couple of turns


this cortina is fitted with a 2l sierra engine fitted with a lucas starter motor with 44s 12v er stamped on it.


ford mondeo needs clutch replacement with flywheel.


mini one .car not starting push car 2 meters and it comes to life and starts .